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Beneath The Crimson Moon, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's short story Masque of the Red Death, is an exploration puzzle game in which the player must find objects that can be destroyed. When destroyed, the materials gathered, can then be used to navigate obstacles by re-building other objects such as bridges or ladders.

Beneath The Crimson Moon is the story of Minerva Canstone as she lies on her deathbed, trapped inside dreams of her mistakes.
She has run from her guilt her entire life, and now - as she dies, she is forced to confront it.
To progress, she must build.
To build she must destroy.

Beneath the Crimson Moon came in second place at Off The Map Competition at GameCity 2014 hosted by The British Library, CryTek, and GameCity.

The game has a fully voiced narrative.

Team Members

Sam Beale - Visual Concept Designer

Zack Finley - Mechanic Designer

Gary Kings - Narrative and Audio Designer

Ashely Lake - 3D Asset Designer

Rob Pearce - Level Designer

Mitch Leatherdale - Level Designer

Blog - http://www.crydev.net/project_db.php?action=proje...

Hope you enjoy.

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Install instructions

Download all 5 files and then unzip Beneath The Crimson Moon.zip (330mb) file.

This game includes the CryEngine version needed to play but is zipped and will require an un-packaging software such as 7zip or winzip. 

The game can be launched through the shortcut in the main folder or through the Bin64 or Bin32 GameSDK appplication.

OS: Windows

Hard Drive Space: 3.31 GB

The .zip (330mb) file is the master file when this file is unzipped it will unzip the other 4 with it.

If download doesn't seem to work can download at IndieDB as well.

Download all 5 files and then unzip Beneath The Crimson Moon.zip (330mb) file.

If the game seems to be missing textures or looks very incomplete make sure the game files downloaded completely. If they didn't try clearing your browsing history and download again.


Beneath The Crimson Moon.z01 480 MB
Beneath The Crimson Moon.z02 480 MB
Beneath The Crimson Moon.z03 480 MB
Beneath The Crimson Moon.z04 480 MB
Beneath The Crimson Moon.zip 329 MB